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  • The sea had turned a dull leaden grey and grown rougher, and was now tossing foaming whitecaps to the sky. We were travelling faster, and heeled farther over. Once, in a gust, the rail dipped under the sea, and the decks on that side were for the moment awash with water that made a couple of the hunters hastily lift their feet.
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  • A Crack in the Sea by H. Bouwman This book is a bit complicated. The story is told through the tales of three sets of siblings: Venus & Swimmer escape from a slave ship in 1781 and end up in the Second World, Kinchen & Pip live in the Second World, and Thanh & Sang are trying to escape Vietnam with a few relatives, in the First World in 1976.

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A Crack In The Sea Pdf Free Download By Jeff Kinney

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/Vocabulary Lists
  1. divulge see definition»

    to make known to others : REVEAL, DISCLOSE

    But the old Raft King refused to divulge the specifics.

  2. embark see definition»

    to begin (a journey)

    Many people wanted to go, to travel someplace entirely new, to embark on a grand adventure.

  3. fluke see definition»

    something that happens because of luck : an unexpected or unusual thing that happens by accident

    'A fluke. Not something to be tried lightly.'

  4. isolation see definition»

    the act of keeping apart from others : the condition of being kept apart from others

    The ways of Raftworld and isolation and trading and traversing the second world and visiting the Islanders.

  5. makeshift see definition»

    serving as a temporary substitute

    Jupiter sat down on this makeshift bench.

  6. metaphor see definition»

    a figure of speech comparing two unlike things without using like or as

    'I thought it was a metaphor,' said the second guard.

  7. mime see definition»

    the art of showing a character or telling a story using body movements and gestures without words

    He mimed drinking and looked like he wanted to say more but wasn't sure of the words.

  8. parse see definition»

    to study (something) by looking at its parts closely : analyze

    He wanted to parse those words.

  9. refugee see definition»

    someone who has been forced to leave a country because of war or for religious or political reasons

    Walking like angels -like refugees, like survivors, like miracles given bodies.

  10. roil see definition»

    to move in a violent and confused way

    Never rushing into roiled waters.

  11. sprawl see definition»

    to lie or sit with arms and legs spread out

    It might surprise you to know that while Pip was talking to the fish, his head underwater and his feet sprawled on the dock, the Raft King -standing with Jupiter and the two rowers - was not really thinking about Pip at all.

  12. vehement see definition»
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