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Robot in the Family
Directed byMark Richardson
Jack Shaoul
Written byJack Shaoul
Produced byMark Richardson
Jack Shaoul
StarringJoe Pantoliano
John Rhys-Davies
Danny Gerard
Amy Wright
Release date
85 minutes
CountryUnited States

A Robot In The Garden Pdf Free Download Free

Robot in the Family (also known as Golddigger)[1] is a 1994 American comedy film[2] produced and directed by Mark Richardson and Jack Shaoul. It was written by Shaoul and stars Joe Pantoliano, John Rhys-Davies, Danny Gerard, and Amy Wright.

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  • Joe Pantoliano as Jack Shamir
  • John Rhys-Davies as Eli Taki / Rashmud / Sashri
  • Danny Gerard as Alex Shamir
  • Amy Wright as Kristina Shamir
  • Howard Scott Nicoll, Derrick McQueen, Patrick Shanley, and Ari Taub as Golddigger
    • Don Peoples as the voice of Golddigger
  • Peter Maloney as Dr. Clayhand
  • Matthew Locricchio as Clyde Baldino
  • David Shuman as Bono Baldino
  • Jack Shaoul as Isaac Shamir / Blind Man
  • Tom Signorelli as Detective Goober
  • Barton Heyman as Mr. Marshall
  • Jane Connell as Mrs. Miller

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Robot in the Family was distributed on home video in 1994.[3]



A Robot In The Garden PDF Free Download

In their review of Robot in the Family, critics Mick Martin and Marsha Porter wrote: 'This cheap, sophomoric comedy about an ambulatory robot is one of the worst films we've ever seen'.[4]

In March 2020, members of Red Letter Media described the film as 'nonsensical' and 'madness'.[5][discuss] Red Letter Media member Rich Evans referred to the film as having 'shortcircuited [his] brain every five seconds', and fellow members Jay Bauman and Mike Stoklasa respectively called it 'a cacophony of noise' and 'the antithesis of sense and logic'.[5][discuss]


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A Robot In The Garden Pdf Free Download Pdf

A Robot In The Garden PDF Free Download
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A Robot In The Garden PDF Free Download

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