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Simple Superheroes: The RPG of Infinite Powers and Possibilities


The Heart of Simple Superheroes a playable summary of all the key components of Simple Superheroes.

Alpha Unleashed PDF Free Download

Simple Superheroes Character Sheet the standard character sheet for Simple Superheroes players everywhere. It is also included as the last page of the Heart of Simple Superheroes.

Alternate Simple Superheroes Character Sheet an alternate character sheet for those who prefer to group talents by Superpower Finesse. Please look at Eagleman as an example character using the alternate character sheet.

Spinning a Universe we encourage Game Masters and Players to unleash their creativity and colaboratively answer these questions about their Universe. A set of sample Answers are included as well for New Carthage, the setting for the Upcoming Issues #1-4.

Starting Heroes Character pack. These five characters are suitable as starting heroes. They include the Ant, Artic Gale, the Cat, Dynamo, Mindfire, Mr Mecurial, and Tesla. They also appear in Issue #0.

Release Schedule

IssueTitleRelease DateDescription
#0Simple SuperheroesJuly 2016Core rulebook for Simple Superheroes. Available now!
#1The ExperimentQ1 2021Dr Newton is being plagued by thefts. Can your hero protect his chronal experiment?
#2Our GeneticsQ3 2021A genetically engineered subject has escaped Professor Adrakis' lab.
#3Motorcycles & LasersQ1 2022A full-scale gang war has broken out. The Black Bullets suddenly aquire lasers and other high-tech gadgets.
#4Saving InnocenceQ3 2022The Emerald Hawk and Displacer have kidnapped a 13 year old girl.
#5Heroes by GaslightQ4 2022Featuring the nefarious Count Zepplin, and set in Victorian London or New York.

Dungeon Unleashed! Alpha

Dungeon Unleashed! is a hack of the engine behind Simple Superheroes, the 'unleashed' engine. Players take on classic dungeon delving achetypes, but as with Simple Superheroes each character has Talents that make them unique. This fourteen page document was inspired by Dave Arneson Game Day.

The alpha PDF is accessible directly here, but if you are intersted in getting notified of any updates to the system (and always having access to the latest version) you are encouraged to pick it up through the CDG Marketplace.

Other Games

Compose Dream Games has two other games in Alpha. You are free to download them. We hope you'll tell us what you think.

Reality Warp a narrative or story-game RPG.
Reality Warp was originally written for the 7-day RPG competition held on EnWorld in 2013. You can download the competition version of Reality Warp PDF.
The competition version used a combination of dice and narrative tokens. The current design is experimenting with playing or tarot cards as both narrative token and randomizer.

Betrayal or Devotion a single-player or co-operative Card Game.
I spent a few weeks during Lent working on this game. The full rules are available below. If there is interest or I feel inspired I may work on some improvements and variations to enable a more true multiplayer game. Betrayal or Devotion Rules PDF.

I'll talk to Michael, but we could sneak away in a few days. I just want to make sure your leg is fine before we go.

It's fine now.


You're limping.

Eh. It's not a big limp.
I wrinkled my nose at him. It honestly didn't hurt anymore. And ever since I'd gotten the antibiotic shot, I was feeling much better. Not that I'd ever admit that to Dr. Gonzales.

I want two weeks. At least. Maybe three.
He wasn't countering me. Hell, I could go for longer. I was just waiting for him to say no.
Or a month. A month sounds good, right?

Dastien gave me a big grin, dimples and all.
You won't hear any complaints from me.

I nearly rolled my eyes. The boy was letting himself get steamrolled, and he was definitely enjoying it.
And we go wherever I want?

He raised an eyebrow.
Within reason.

We'll see.
I had plans. Places I wanted to go. Things I wanted to see. Hell, maybe we could finally see Paul van Dyk play. Or Above and Beyond. That would be amazing.

Luciana was gone, and we'd survived. From here on out, I was going to try not to worry about my visions. Obsessing over what might happen had led Luciana down her path to evil and I wanted nothing to do with that slippery slope.

Instead, I was going to live every day to the fullest.

I'd looked death in the face, and it had changed me. It made me want to embrace everything that life had to offer.

I was going to spend time with my friends, and maybe help Chris find a girl. Because seriously, the boy deserved someone amazing. I wanted to continue to keep getting to know my cousins and learn more about my magic. And if Meredith wanted me to go with her to Ireland, I'd be on a plane with her in a heartbeat.

Because family and friends were what mattered, and I wanted to appreciate them.

Starting with Dastien. After all the crap we'd been through, we deserved a vacation.

Maybe somewhere tropical. Or maybe to his castle in France.

Count me in
, Dastien said.
For all of that.

I pulled him down for a kiss.
You better be.

Je t'aime, cherie
, he said through the bond as he brushed a soft kiss against my lips.

Getting to this moment had been long and hard, but now that I was here—it made me appreciate what I had even more.

Staring up at my mate—surrounded by my friends and family—for the first time in my life, I felt really and truly lucky to be me.

I wouldn't trade a thing.

To My Readers

Thank you so much for reading the Alpha Girl Series! I hope you liked it! And don't worry. This isn't the end for Tessa, Dastien, and their friends. They'll be back. But I'm taking a wee break to write a new series that I hope you'll love just as much as this one.

I'll be posting updates on my books on my
, and



Coming from Author Aileen Erin:
, Book One in the Holy Ghost High Series.

Releasing May 31
, 2016!

Click here to order now!

Samantha Lopez has learned a few things about attending Holy Ghost High School, one of the most haunted schools in America. One, take a sweater everywhere. Cold spots are a bitch. Two, the bathroom faucets in Hall C are always coated with a thin film of ice. Touching them causes insta-frost bite. Three, never ever take a class in Room 106. The ghost in there will make life miserable.

It's Sam's senior year, and she's ready to be done with the whole high school thing. Her ability to see the haunts that plague the school hasn't won her any friends, and she's focusing on to the next phase of life—college. But when her guidance counselor tells her she needs more group activities on her applications, she'll do whatever it takes to get into a good university, even if it means playing nice with others. But she didn't realize that joining the newspaper staff would mean staying on campus after dark…

For more information and updates about the series, go to:

Also by Aileen Erin,
, Book One in The Shadow Ravens Series.

Click here to order now.

For more information and updates about the series, go to:

Also from Ink Monster, The Angelbound Series, by Christina Bauer.

Click here to order
, the first book in the series.

Also available in The Angelbound Series:
, and

For more information and updates about the series, go to:


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Thank you, again, to all my readers! To all of you who have reached out to me, thank you! I love hearing from each and every one of them.

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To my amazing editor, Lola Dodge: Thanks for always kicking my ass and pushing me to make it better. You're the best!

My Partner in Publishing Crime, Christina Bauer: Thank you for all the support and everything you do. I can't believe how far we've come! It's amazing. This is the only the beginning of our career in kickassery! Huzzah!

To the lovely ladies at INscribe: Thank you for everything you do! You're an amazing team, and we're so lucky to have you on our side.

To Kristi Latcham and Cathleen Stern: Thank you for powering through proofing! I suck at finding typos. Y'all are awesome!

To my family and friends: Thanks for understanding when I go full-hermit! I'm now out and about, and ready for some fun. ;)

And last, but never, ever least, to Jeremy: Your constant and unwavering support—even when I'm second-guessing everything—is such a blessing. I'm so thankful that you're in my life. I couldn't imagine up a better husband, best friend, and partner. You're the bee's knees. <3

Aileen Erin
is half-Irish, half-Mexican, and 100% nerd—from Star Wars (prequels don't count) to Star Trek (TNG FTW), she reads Quenya and some Sindarin, and has a severe fascination with the supernatural. Aileen has a BS in Radio-TV-Film from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. She lives with her husband in Los Angeles, and spends her days doing her favorite things: reading books, creating worlds, and kicking ass.

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