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‘Story of O’ is a French erotic novel which was later translated into English. It is the story about a woman named O who didn’t fear to do anything for her love. You can download the ‘Story of O’ eBook pdf from here for free.

O is the main character of this story who loved a man so deeply that love led her to get used to excessive submissive behavior. She even let herself be sexually used. It’s a unique piece of an erotic story.

Summary of Story of O Novel

O who is a fashion photographer in Paris was often taken to an isolated chateau in the countryside of France by her lover, Rene. There she was taught how to get dressed, how to behave, and other stuff of submission. She had to learn all these things as a symbol of her love for Rene.

O was trained physically, sexually, emotionally, mentally to grab all the methods of surrender. After learning the ways of submissive behavior, O returned to her work, and her colleagues were astonished at her appearance. After some days, her lover handed her over to his elder stepbrother, Sir Stephen. He was the sole master of her and she fell in love with him gradually.

Sir Stephen took her to a woman named Anne Marie who made the branded sign of Stephen on O with a hot iron and drooped a tag by piercing her labia. Though the girl O was devoted to the master she had to seduce Jacqueline to bring him on the Chateau. There she got involved with Jacqueline’s half-sister Natalie.

Review of Story of O

This book is great for readers who prefer to read erotic and seductive love stories. This story illustrates how strong can be the love of a woman for her lover. The journey of O on becoming a submissive will make you puzzled.

O allowed herself to be sexually used, brutally beaten by the men of the chateau because of her lover Rene. Later she was taken by Sir Stephen as his submissive. Though Stephen was solely her master yet he sent her to Jacqueline for manipulating him. There she broke her master’s rule by getting involved with Natalie.

In the end, she was presented as an object at a guest party of Stephen. In another edition, in the end, she was abandoned by his master and begged to die. This book shows how cruel can be the consequence of excessive love and trust.

About the Author

Depths PDF Free Download


Anne Cécile Desclos is the author of the erotic novel ‘Story of O’. She was a French novelist and journalist. ‘Story of O’ made her famous. She changed the vision of society. As nobody could think that a female can write an erotic novel.

Anna Desclos used her pen name Dominique Aury and Pauline Réage while publishing the book. She revealed the truth after forty years of the publication of the book. She wrote this book as a series of love letters to her lover.

Detail Information About Story of O eBook


How does the story of O end?

In the initial edition, the ending was different from today’s editions. It ends as presenting O as an object to men at a party. But the ending was different before. It ended where O preferred to die rather than abandoned by Sir Stephen. It is changed now because the ending indicated for women suppression.

When was the story of O written?

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It was written before 1954 and published in 1954. But it got its actual game in the year of 1994. In that year it was revealed that Pauline Reage is a pen name for Dominique Aury. Dominique Aury was itself a pen name for Desclos.



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  • Story: 4.1/5
  • Engagement: 4/5
  • Characters: 3.8/5
  • Writing: 4.2/5
  • Length of the story: 4.3/5
  • Creativity: 3.9/5

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Overall rating: 3.3/5

The ‘Story of O’ portrays the willful immorality of a beautiful fashion photographer namely O. She did every possible thing to remain as the slave of her lover, Rene. But her fate was different. She ended up being handed over to Sir Stephen. The whole book describes the painful journey of O.

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If you read this book from a different perspective rather than erotica, you will get to understand the depth of the story. Download the ‘Story of O’ ebook pdf free from here.