Fairy Haven And The Quest For The Wand PDF Free Download

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  3. Fairy Haven And The Quest For The Wand Pdf Free Download Free
  4. Fairy Haven And The Quest For The Wand
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Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand (Disney Fairies #2). Gail Carson Levine (Goodreads Author) 3.87 avg rating — 3,276 ratings. Score: 332, and 4 people. Adventure games are point and click style games like Myst where you must find objects or solve puzzles to advance the story and get to new areas. See what games are available, download trials or free full versions and read reviews.

Download Walkthrough
Here Some Tips and Hints for the Game:
But First Thing is make sure you don’t use those Level Eggs early at The Game (Use it if you’re Level 28 or Above)
Bring Glue to Gepetto.
  • Buy from Trick and Treat Shop!

Return Candy to Witchwood
  • Talk to Bernard on Stormbend.
  • Harriet will give you Shovel.
  • You Must First Buy the Canoe in Stormbend.
  • Use it to Travel on the X mark on Sinoa plains. You'll dig a Candy.

Retrieve quarter key from Heptitus in Witchwood.
  • After you get the Faux Map Exit to Witchwood then Enter Again, There all messed up.
  • Go to Heptitus House and get the quarter Key(while she’s busy runin')
  • And don’t forget to get some Candy's (besides Greth's House)

Fairy Haven And The Quest For The Wand Pdf Free Download Pc

Solve StormBlend Pirate Problem
  • Remember the faux Map?, give it to Blue and Green Beard.(to bad cause it’s Really a Treasure in the End)
Bring Quarter Keys to Naylith Summit
See in Quarter Keys...
Find Interesting Artifacts for Thais Museum
  • Broken Wand(Be a Judge at Orc Fashion Show, make the First Contestant Win)
  • Golden Frog(Hidden Cave)
  • Old Crown(In Exchange for Dragon Scale)
  • Strange Symbol - Catacombs (Found on a chest)

Help Ulf prove his innocence
  • Search for Muddy Footprints(Near the Invistigator)
  • Search Boots Used
  • Find the Lost Gold mine for wert
  • Search it on Gheledon after you give the Pirates the Faux Map

Find Hal
  • Hal is in the waterways
  • Fix watermill first

Find Dragon Scale for merchant Rufus
  • Nah, give it to The Dragon Instead,
  • Worth 500 if sold.

Find Ryda's bracelet
See Image Below:
it’s on Phyree Jungle!
Fix Watermill
  • needs oil
  • requires treasure key
  • open a treasure chest in the elf castle

Open Faery Portal
  • Help Hal first
  • The Queen will hand you the key after you Help Hal.

Bring Fairy dust to Fairy Queen
  • Fairy Dust is found in the other part of Whisper Woods
  • Finish Magic Mushroom Quest First

Find Butterfly Wings for Dioni
  • Buy Butterfly Wings on Naylith

Find Magic Mushroom for the Fairy Children
  • Mushroom is in the Mirror Cave(found on Whisper Woods)
  • Defeat Medusa
Tip: Unequip Items of Edward... to make him weaker in the Battle.
Find Sapphire for Hakkar
  • You’ll find one on Naylith (Kill Monsters)
  • Retrieve dragon scale for Baal
  • Find in Drake Mountain

Go to Naylith
  • Hatch The EGG (I think you Figure this out) with you found on Naylith Summit.

Find a Harp string for Pia
  • Find it on Chateau Lenore

Fairy Haven And The Quest For The Wand Pdf free. download full

Find Orb of Life
  • It’s found in The Underworld.
Tip: Make sure you’re fully Equipped (Equipments and Item) and Always Save your Game in Different Locations’
Go to Aveyond
  • Portal is Found at Instir Kingdom(in case you dont Know)
Tip: Store at least 5 Spider Eggs Before Going into the Underworld
4 Quarter Keys Locations
Instir Kingdom
On Ice Castle - Wake Beauty
2. Orc Kingdom
Orc Castle - Steal Quarter Key
Use the Music Box to the Guard - you have to Save Ulf First
3. Fairy Realm Kingdom
Fairy Queen - Save Hal to prove you’re intensions
4. Drag’thar Kingdom
Dragon Lord - Fight Him
Where is the Candy?
Ans: Look for X on your Map, You’ll Find it on Sinoa Plains, you’ll need to buy first the Canoe to get there, and you’ll also need a Shovel.
Where’s the BLUE treasure Chest Key?
Ans: You will find it in Phyree Jungle.
Where’s the RED treasure Chest Key?
Ans: It’s in the Sky Garden, its lock you must get the key from Pie in Naylith.Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand PDF Free download
Where do I learn tightrope Walking?
Ans: It’s Unnoticeable on the first Place but it’s on Tar Vedron
How do I get to the Underworld?
Ans: The Passage is found on the Catacombs, but you'll need a Death Certificate to Enter. (Found Later on the Game)
How do I beat Gleyndal?
Ans: Use Spider Egg, (also useful on Bees on Venwood)
When will the next Chapter be released?
Ans: Originally in November 2009 but now (January, 2010)
The title would be “

Fairy Haven And The Quest For The Wand Pdf Free Download Free

The Last Orb
Answers for the Underworld Casino.
Although the Sky is Blue, it is really RED.
KITTENSFairy Haven And The Quest For The Wand PDF Free Download are the root of evil.
For manners, Study a PIRATE.
To impress a woman, give her a RAT.
To cure sleepiness, drink MILK.
The fastest land animal is TURTLE.
In combat wield a STICK.
The world’s created by CHICKENS.
To lose weight, eat CHEESE.
To win battles, play DEAD.
Thanks’ for Reading my Blog.
This is not really a Walkthrough, because I only put Major Quest on the List. I figured out that you won’t enjoy playing if I wrote every Detail.

Fairy Haven And The Quest For The Wand

Created By: Viscocent
Aug 22, 2009
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Fairy Haven And The Quest For The Wand Pdf Free Download Torrent

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Fairy Haven And The Quest For The Wand Pdf

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