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Gwenhwyfar: The White Spirit (A Novel of King Arthur) (Arthurian Novel)

Book Title :Gwenhwyfar: The White Spirit (A Novel of King Arthur) (Arthurian Novel)

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The bestselling author of the Valdemar novels pens a classic tale about King Arthur's legendary queen.Gwenhwyfar moves in a world where gods walk among their pagan worshipers, where nebulous visions warn of future perils, and where there are two paths for a woman: the path of the Blessing or the rarer path of the Warrior. Gwenhwyfar chooses the latter, giving up the power that she is born into. Yet the daughter of a King is never truly free to follow her own calling. Acting as the 'son' her father never had, when called upon to serve another purpose by the Ladies of the Well, she bows to circumstances to become Arthur's queenonly to find herself facing temptation and treachery, intrigue and betrayal, but also love and redemption..

Author(s) :Mercedes Lackey (2009)

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'This slap was recorded in the Bardic Triads as one of the Three Fatal Slaps', F. H. Townsend's illustration from The Misfortunes of Elphin (1897)

Gwenhwyfach (Middle Welsh: Gwenhwyvach, Middle Welsh: Gwenhwywach, or Middle Welsh: Gwenhwyach; sometimes anglicized to Guinevak) was a sister of Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere) in medieval WelshArthurian legend. The tradition surrounding her is preserved in fragmentary form in two Welsh Triads and the Mabinogi tale of Culhwch and Olwen.

Gwenhwyfar Pdf Free Download Pdf


This relatively obscure figure is first mentioned in Culhwch and Olwen, where her name (spelled Gwenhwyach) is among those 200 men, women, dogs, and horses invoked by the hero Culhwch to punctuate his request that King Arthur help him find his love Olwen. Both of the Triads that mention Gwenhwyfach refer to the enmity between her and her sister that led to the Battle of Camlann. Triad 53 lists as one of the 'Three Harmful Blows of the Island of Britain' the slap that Gwenhwyvach gave her sister that caused the Strife of Camlann. Identifying Camlann as one of Britain's 'Three Futile Battles', Triad 84 mentions it was started because of a dispute between the sisters. Some have suggested that 'Gwenhwyfach' in Triad 53 is a mistake for 'Medrawd' (Mordred), since Triad 54 describes Medrawd raiding Arthur's court and throwing Gwenhwyfar to the ground and beating her; this interpretation does not explain Triad 84, however.


Rachel Bromwich notes, citing the spelling found in Culhwch and Olwen and Triad 84, that Gwenhwyach may in fact be the original spelling of the name.[1] Melville Richards and Bromwich previously suggested that the alternate spelling of her name in medieval Welsh sources, Gwenhwywach, could have been understood as Gwenhwy-fach, or 'Gwenhwy the Lesser', a back-formation based on a false etymology of her sister's name as Gwenhwy-fawr, meaning 'Gwenhwy the Great'.[2][3] It is possible that Gwenhwyfach was once thought of as a darker aspect of Gwenhwyfar.[4]

False Guinevere[edit]

'How King Artus slept each day with the Lady of Camelide and promised to marry her.' An illustration from Lancelot en prose (c. 1494)

The Lancelot-Grail cycle introduced a possibly related character known as 'the False Guinevere' or 'Guinevere the False'. Named Genievre, she is the real Guinevere's identical but evil half-sister by a different mother. Also known as the Lady of Camelide (Dame de Camelide), she bewitches Arthur and turns him against the real Guinevere. She later dies of disease, confessing on death bed. (In the non-cyclical Lancelot, she confesses and is then burned after Lancelot wins a trial by combat against her three champions.)

Gwenhwyfar Pdf Free Download Version

Modern stories[edit]

Some modern writers associate Gwenhwyfach with Mordred, presumably due to her association with Camlann; she appears as the traitor's wife in Thomas Love Peacock's novel The Misfortunes of Elphin (1829), for example. In Bernard Cornwell's Enemy of God (1996), she is Guinevere's delusional and dim-witted fat sister who aids Arthur in his supposed 'rescue' of Guinevere from Lancelot's castle and later becomes completely insane while living all alone.


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Gwenhwyfar pdf free. download full
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