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“It seems that the Eldric knew how to make weapons,” Lars acknowledged, coming over to join Kaplyn. He was admiring his axe. “May I see them?” Vastra asked.


Author: David Burrows


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Legacy Of Kings PDF Free DownloadLegacy Of Kings PDF Free Download

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781447887546


Category: Fiction

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Vastra is a man possessed. Where other men require food to sustain them, his craving is for power. He seeks an Eldric talisman, ensnaring two men to aid him. Fate guides his hand and, unwittingly, he chooses Kaplyn, who is seeking to escape his own destiny and Lars, shipwrecked and friendless, an outcast on the Allund shore. An unlikely trio, they form a fragile alliance but, recklessly ambitious, Vastra will betray them in a heartbeat. Throughout their journey, there are clear signs that demons are active, stealing souls and slaking their unholy hunger. Their journey takes them to a mysterious tower, beset by traps, where Kaplyn triggers a chain of events unleashing the full power of a prophecy that could doom them all. Deep in the heart of a mountain lays a power that not even Vastra has the audacity to envision. But who really is guiding Vastra’s destiny? Kaplyn has the talisman and, for all of Vastra’s threats, he is unwilling to part with it.