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Substitute teachers are individuals who are hired to serve as a substitute or a second teacher to a class. Most often, substitute teachers are on-the-job trainees or interns and fresh graduates looking professional experiences in the field of teaching without the need to receive salary payments or allowances from the institution they are teaching in. And due to this, substitute teachers are periodically evaluated by both the institution and the teachers in charge of them. The evaluations will be recorded in a document known as substitute teacher evaluation forms.

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SubstituteSubstitute creature pdf free download 64 bit


  • What Is a Substitute Teacher Evaluation Form?

  • Types of Substitute Teacher Evaluation Forms

  • Substitute Teacher Evaluation Form Formats

Free download of one of my interactive coloring sheets (apple). FREE Substitute Report. This form is a free resource you can use when you have a substitute or guest teacher in your classroom to record student and classroom behavior.Your substitute will have an easy way to keep track of behavior and leave you. 'Create a Creature.'

What Is a Substitute Teacher Evaluation Form?

A substitute teacher evaluation form is a type of document which allows an evaluator to record the details of his observations and his evaluations to the performance of a substitute teacher. The form will be used by educational institutions to determine the substitute teacher’s readiness to become an official teacher or yet to be ranked and have a chance of grabbing a legal license to teach.

Substitute Teacher Evaluation Form Sample

Types of Substitute Teacher Evaluation Forms

Below are several types of substitute teacher evaluation forms that educational institutions can utilize and edit:

Day-to-Day Substitute Teacher Evaluation Form – This form is only suitable for educational institutions who prefer to hire different substitute teachers per day or for a number of days to observe and assist the teacher-in-charge of a class. There are three parts to be filled out in this type of form. The first part documents the name of the substitute teacher and the teacher-in-charge, the date or dates covered by the evaluation, and the subject handled by the teachers. The second part, on the other hand, contains three sections which are for recording the ratings of the site secretary or school administrator evaluating the substitute teacher, the feedback of the absent or teach-in-charge, and the student teacher’s overall student feedback rating.

Day-to-Day Substitute Teacher Evaluation Form

In the last part of the form, the office of the institution will be the one who will fill it out which will be for indicating the arrival and departure times of the substitute teacher, an indication of whether or not the keys were returned, and the names, signatures, and comments of the administrator and the teacher-in-charge.

Substitute Teacher Performance Evaluation Form – Compared to the aforementioned form, this document centers on the main performance criteria to be evaluated by the assigned evaluators of the educational institution. Furthermore, the name of the substitute teacher and the teacher he is working for, the dates of his services, and the subject, grade level, and school where he is teaching will be the first set of information to disclose in the form. The factors or criteria which will be evaluated will include the reliability of the substitute teacher as well as his job competence, and professionalism in terms of contributing to the instructional program assigned to him.

Substitute Teacher Performance Evaluation Form

Additionally, the date when the substitute teacher was observed along with the starting and end time of the observation, the name of the administrator conducting the evaluation, the school where the evaluation was held, and the date when the form was completed will also be stated in the form.

Substitute Teacher Evaluation – Incident Report – This form will only be considered as an incident report if there is a particular uneventful situation caused by the actions of the substitute teacher. On the other hand, if the main intent of the evaluator is to simply state his evaluations to a substitute teacher who performed well, then there is no need for an incident report to be made along with the submission of the evaluation form. Three types of evaluations will be documented in this type of form wherein the first would be the required observations to be made by the evaluator followed by the optional observations and the administrative recommendations. Comments can also be incorporated into the form to allow the teacher and other involved parties to know details or additional information about the evaluation itself.

Substitute Teacher Evaluation – Incident Report Form

Substitute Teacher Evaluation Form Formats

In our site, there are three formats to choose from when deciding what type of substitute teacher evaluation form will be used. Enlisted below are the three formats and their individual characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages:

DOC Format

This format can be accessed, edited, or be opened using a word-processing software application program. The advantage of using this format is that it is the most commonly used and the most basic format to use especially for those who are not technologically inclined or are knowledgeable in using and filling out electronic forms. Another benefit is that it is light when it comes to sizing, and it is the most preferred format for evaluation forms which are intended to be printed out as soon as it is completed.

Substitute Teacher Evaluation Form in DOC

PDF Format

This is the best option for electronic forms since it keeps the original view or output and arrangements or layout of the contents of the form even after it is transferred from one device to another, and even if it is accessed using different software application programs. However, one disadvantage of preferring to use a PDF formatted substitute teacher evaluation form is that it needs to be edited using a PDF editor which must be obtained online. PDF editors are tools specifically made for editing, customizing, and making fillable PDF forms or files.


XLS Format

The software application program which must be used to access an XLS formatted substitute teacher evaluation form is known as a spreadsheet application program. Rows, columns, and cells can be utilized to customize the form as well as mathematical functions if there is a need to determine the average evaluation rating the substitute teacher received.

Substitute Teacher Evaluation Form in XLS

Regardless of the format or the type of substitute teacher evaluation form, the user of the form or the evaluator should ensure that he reviews his observations and evaluation ratings before heading to submit the form. Also, the form can be accompanied by other documents or forms which will prove and justify the evaluations of the evaluator for the substitute teacher such as the substitute teacher’s attendance sheets.

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